Presents..Dwellings & Druss
After last darkening the Trensmat towels mere months ago with their fuzz'n'dub 7" '5th Sun', Gnod have decided to head for the heavens via a strikingly different path, the ludicrously cosmic Dwellings & Druss LP. Though this time round ditching geetars for keytars, they retain their trademark murk and keep the edges blurred.

Opener and scene-setter 'Revelation 9' shows the band are capable of admirable restraint and subtlety when their more traditional musical weapons are confiscated. Sounding like an eerily authentic early 70s German experiment, it bubbles slightly threateningly without ever actually revealing the nature of the revelation in question.

'20 Sides A Minute' sounds at first like they mistakenly sped up the bubbling of the previous track until, shock, a steady kick is introduced, followed by sharply sinister synth stabbings, scything a permanently panning path through the rusty and weather-beaten drum machine junk shop. Disco for robots left out in the rain.

The B-Side is home to the mammoth 16-minute 'Defeatism' - something of a misnomer as it certainly has the highest positive-vibe content of the EP - with it's proto-Detroit atmos/groove it's positively euphoric. It's also negatively euphoric in the more subby parts but the Gnodpod always pulls itself out of the black hole just in time. Frantic morse code messages are beamed back to the mothership, tapped out furiously across a selection of chiming synths, 303, high-end percussion and low-end wobbles, giving much of the episodic track the feel of an interminable heavily-pregnant rush, constantly teasing you with the promise of a cheesy drop that mercifully never comes.

Don't let the consistent lo-fi feel of the threesome fool ya though - as is so often not the way with lazy hazy hat-tipping to the forefathers of electronics, this spacebound 12" has it's own identity and supplies BASS in buttock-clenching quantities, particularly the analogue tremors felt halfway through the epic flipside.

Nervous nano-Gnodness for a rave new world.

Buyers also get additional extras for immediate download - digital copies of each track featured on the vinyl plus an exclusive 50 minute livset ("In Orbit") recorded in November 2012. Only the buyers of the vinyl will get the digital version of the 12" & extras, it will not be available otherwise.

Pre-orders will be immediately sent a link to the download package in 320Kbps MP3 format.

VERY limited edition coloured vinyl LP in b&w sleeve (+ 4 downloads).

Dwellings, Revelation 9 (3:57)
Druss, 20 Sides A Minute (8:50)
Dwellings, Defeatism (16:21)
In Orbit (49:49)

Feb 2013, TR034.


First Edition :
400 x marble gold vinyl in b&w sleeve.

Second Edition :
250 x purple vinyl in b&w sleeve.

When a band decides to change direction one inevitably thinks Jazz Odyssey. When the curve ball of artistic diversion involves one of your favourite outfits the worry is doubled. Fortunately, given the avant-garde output of Gnod in the past, and the sheer quality of their oeuvre, those fears are reduced; you just know that whatever they turn their various talents to is going to be worth a listen. So when Gnod Presents.. Dwellings & Druss was previewed a while back anxiety turned into a twitching joy at the possibility and potential.
Consisting of three tracks of throbbing industrial techno Dwellings & Druss is a fantastically transcendental listen and evidence that this isnt Gnods first communion with transistors, samplers and machines. The low-end bass is all-consuming, the reverb chilling and the modulation dizzying. Its akin to Basic Channel filtered through a turbine and then played out in a decaying cathedral submerged fifty fathoms down. Its skull-shaking in its intensity, but obscurely calming and meditative despite or because of the clanks, whirls and pulses.
Gnod Presents.. is out on vinyl in February on Trensmat records. But if you pre-order now you get the album for download replete with an extra track of improv techno wobbles and shimmers clocking in at a mighty 49:49. Thats called value that is.
Both Bars On

I just reviewed an ambient record by Dirty Beaches, and now I’ve got a bit of dark techno from Gnod, I’m starting to feel like I’m in some kind of alternate universe, although to be fair Gnod’s last offering on that split with Shit & Shine was more than hinting at a bit of a techno direction. Actually if you investigate a little more closely you’ll see that this isn’t Gnod, but 'Gnod presents...', with two tracks by Dwellings and one by Druss, which I presume are stripped down versions of the Gnod collective. This ain’t psych rock dude, this is dark techno music, heavily influenced by early experiments from Detroit and Berlin; highly repetitive, minimal and dark, with swelling synth panic-pulses, metronomic bass kicks and hypnotic little details.
The press release describes it as 'negatively euphoric' which I get. It’s dark and brooding throughout but the way it’s constructed and the slow-building pulses still give out that same feeling of psychedelic uplift, particularly towards the end of the Druss track which closes the first side. On the flip there’s a single very lengthy Dwellings cut with a thin, muffled snare flapping around over pulsing bass and patient synth, which morphs and drifts in all sorts of weird directions with loads of crazy phasing and filtering and little flickering details. There’s a section towards the end which is well ‘Terminator’. Quite invigorating and impressively constructed, but I hope this doesn’t mean they’ve left the riffs behind altogether!

Norman Records

Manchester's own psychedelic assault squad follow up one of thee records ov last year - a killer split with $&$ - presenting the E2E4/Basic Channel-esque wormholes of 'Dwellings & Druss'. Our minds are still scorched at the edges from catching a chokingly heavy live set 'longside Stephen Bishop in the bowels of their spiritual home, Islington Mill - full on smoke machine and dual strobe intensity - and this killer session flashes us right back to the midst of their Guantanamo-like machine interrogations. So, 'Dwellings & Druss' boils down to three prickly yet well-oiled psycho-techno incursions; writhing with the jagged pulses and roiling undercurrents of a 'Dwellings - Revelation 9' prelude before entering the vortex of slow-panning acid and hulking black hole techno with 'Druss' and single handedly making a decade of dub techno dilettantes fall by the wayside. This is hypnotic motorik sorcery at its finest. Likewise, the slow yield pacing, restraint and intent of the flipside is genius, coming off like Ike Yard meets Cluster in Mark Ernestus' studio for nigh on 20 minutes of brittle, pointillist body rhythm and ether noise dissipated and reforming with syzygystic logic. Hats off, this is f**king class.

The latest release on Trensmat is the 12″ delight of Gnod presents.. Dwellings & Druss. TR034 from Trensmat on a golden slab of vinyl offers two outlets from the Gnod camp – the record delivers a 12″ of dark techno tinged beats, bass pulses and a cosmic space sound that is directed at the further reaches as always.. except the route is different than on other recordings.
Gnod presents… Dwellings & Druss has a similar feel to that of Shitting through the Eye of a Needle, their contribution to Rocket Recordings’ Collisions 03 release last year. Similar but on this release we are more explicitly led onto a dancefloor.. hand-held the slow pulses and throbs of the opening track “Dwellings – Revelation 9″ guide us as we nervously usher our way onto a space to take our place amongst the other swaying bodies.
The pace builds into “Druss – 20 Sides A Minute”, the throbbing of a multi-limbed organism on the dancefloor.. the collective dancefloor moves and pulsates as one… a sleek, sweat-drenched industrial disco. The music, is tight and compact.. this is honed, mutant dancefloor music cooked up by minds who need to create their own rhythms to dance to because no one else is…
Side B is comprised of the single Dwellings track “Defeatism”. Synapses tighten and vibrate.. shots of menace… hints of Aphex Twin’s Bucephalus Bouncing Ball. Slowly building, no rush… a heartbeat that underpins this track, this dark techno has a wicked groove which is draped in the details of the synth lines and the snap of the percussion.. a frantic rush that skims over the surface of the murk of the low end.. a wobbling presence ready at any moment for us to plunge into.
Whatever Gnod we find I know this many-headed psych beast will lead me somewhere thrilling.. mind and body wrapped in the soundtrack of their charge into the cosmos.. tuned in, we follow willingly.
Adventures in the Soundscape

This mysterious UK psychedelic space rock collective return with this sprawling three track 12" that displays a whole 'nother side to these faves. Whereas before, we typically aligned Gnod with groups like White Hills, and Carlton Melton, and the Heads, on these three tracks, they delve into a twisted strain of dark electronics, which to a certain degree still retain some of the psychedelia and spaciness of past outings, but here, those elements are woven into a pulsing landscape of murk and slow shifting texture, a sort of primitive psychedelic house music really, the opener is all sequenced pulse and throb, beneath a slow swirl of greyed out shimmer, and underpinned by deep rumbling low end, mesmerizingly motorik and minimal, not danceable per se, but certainly still some sort of mutant electronica, which on in "20 Sides A Minute" unfurls into an epic stretch of minimal skitter, percolating synth sputter beneath a slowed down four on the floor rhythm, the surrounding sounds swirling drowsily from speaker to speaker, the sounds growing darker and more minimal as the track progresses, sort of reminding us of Shit & Shine if they made a record for Kompakt if that makes any sense. Tripped out, and darkly meditative, with some extreme stereo panning that is definitely made for headphone trip out.
The whole of the B side is taken up by the 16+ minute "Defeatism", which starts out as a hushed drone, before revealing itself as some weird gothy new wave jam, all 303 drum machines, swirly synth pads, manic rhythmic skitter, over drifty chordal swirl and shimmery ambience, it's Gnod, so there's plenty of weirdness going on in and around and under the surface, and about half way through the sound shifts dramatically, and becomes super murky and muddy and ominous, the low end expanding into a black sonic cloud, before turning downright kosmische at one point, only to finish things off with a wild tangled of bass pulsations, fluttering skitter, and FX drenched crackle, once again swirling wildly from speaker to speaker, adding a disorienting psychedelic edge to the proceedings.
There's a certain degree of WTF? going on, but we're beginning to think these guys do actually have more in common with a group like Shit & Shine than The Heads, their focus on rhythm and texture, and achieving serious psychedelia by manipulating and sculpting the two.
There is of course a download code, which not only gets you the whole record in digital form, but also a FIFTY minute bonus track, recorded live, the band doing a similar set as to what's on the record, but a bit more rough edged and raw life, a little bit noisier and abstract, but channeling the same sort of electronic psych-kraut spirit.
Aquarius Records

Not many people might have heard about Gnod but the group tells us there is life in Manchester after Happy Mondays and Joy Division. So far residing in the alternative and krautrock camp, the collective from UK Northwest now knocks on the door of strobe-lit clubs with a new pulsating LP.
Freshly out on the Irish imprint Trensmat, "Presents..Dwellings & Druss" deviates from the classic Madchester sound as it does in relation to the conventional floor fare, still able to address the techno faction. Playing essentially in the same league with Container and Pete Swanson, the group gives us three tracks filled with controlled noise and quivering beats in synthetic glazing.
Already the opener "Revelation 9" drives up the pulse with agile synth drumming but the real highlight is "20 Sides A Minute". Firstly embraced by clasping percussion with an evil wink, a drilling sequence takes over without losing the steady beat control.
B-side is filled with a 16-minute opus called "Defeatism" which throws drone and ambient into the pot with Warp's Artificial Intelligence electronics, exposing the sonic matter to the corrosion closer to the end.
The LP's rattling and pulsating journey just confirms that in Gnod we trust, what else. And increasingly Trensmat Records deserves more attention, especially when next up on the label is wrenched electro-acid blast by The 15 Dead Minutes.
Terminal 313

We're stoked to the max cuz another killer record from the always solid Trensmat Records has come blowing through the doors!  This time out we get a total banger from Manchester's mighty morphin monks of motorik drones, GNOD! 
"Dwellings And Druss" finds GNOD opting out on guitars all together and instead are supplying hypnotic beat driven pulses of psychedelic dubbed out techno.   Blurred production adds a foggy murk to the overall sound giving it a mystique that draws the listener deeper into this acid vortex and you can straight up feel the sub-sonic rumble of bass drum blasts as swirling poly-rhythms engulf the tracks as synthesizers rush the forefront with a blitz assault of sultry slurs.  GNOD are always keepin' us on our toes as they switch up their tactics from record to record and this soporific trance inducing dose of mind flaying underwater experimental psychedelia is yet another amazing release to add to their already burgeoning back catalog.  So chalk up "Dwellings And Druss" as another winner in our books. Super Recommended.
Permanent Records

Salford trance rock five piece Gnod arent too shabby when it comes to a thick hypnotic groove. But perhaps the group have burned themselves out when it comes to the rockier end of their operation. A new 12", Presents Dwellings and Druss, concentrates solely on a strain of chasmic lo-fi Techno completley distinct from their earlier work. The cavernous spaces and immense beats of 'Revelation 9' and '20 Sides a Minute' are a successful departure, while the 49 minute bonus download 'In Orbit' bears some traces of Gnods previous incarnation - unlike the vinyl tracks, it really does sound like some rock group fumbling for the exit. But even on this live recording you can sense the group ejecting excess baggage in hope of speeding up their passage to the heart of the void.
The Wire

’Gnod presents Dwelling and Druss’ is a bit of a misnomer (though I’m still not convinced that I have this completely right) as those of you who bothered to cast an eye over our brief mention of the collectives teals tape imprint (see above) will no doubt realise, its not Gnod but then again is Gnod if you loosely get my drift, not the collective stoned out psych charge of the unit as a whole but selective elements of the hive like say Wire and all their solo projects. Two cuts from the Dwellings side of the hive mind and one from Druss with - available on the download bundle - what we gather is a mammoth 50 minute face off featuring a live mix set recorded last November. Dwellings kick off proceedings with ‘revelation 9’ - solid state sub electroid psyche immersion, murmuring pulsars usher and utter to a subterranic tongue, the melodic mainframe coded in binary blips tap out a galactic calling card into the darkening voids, like some silver skinned minimalist variant of Wagon Christ there lurks here an ever so subtle subtronic funk detailing crafted and cooled in darkly remote hyperreal techno. Druss take up the baton with ’20 sides a minute’ again scratched in a sparsely minimalist flavouring and grounded in dubbed out psychotropic techno drone, amid its sub 9 minute voyage its deceptive skin shedding form busies itself cloaking its sound craft in intricate textures showered in solar rays and terra-formic pulsars to preside over a head phonic effect that’s akin to having the contents of your head dissolving to its hypnotic brainwashing cycles. Best of the groove gouged trio is Dwellings ‘defeatism’ a 16 minute orbiting opus awash and lonesomely drifting the vast oceanic cosmic voids majestically inscribed in lushly hollowed forlorn backdrops as though fading distress calls from a long dead galactic outpost and courting towards its final gasp an oblique ‘terminator’ esque collage retooled as were by John Carpenter. As said subscribers to the vinyl edition get download codes which aside including the three aforementioned tracks for digital drop also feature a mammoth live mix set recorded at the tail end of last year. titled ‘in orbit’ it’s a hulking motorik head trip aboard the hyper galactic Gnod super cruiser for a non return guaranteed voyage into space dub techno’s black hole.
The Sunday Experience

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