Author: Bula Bowens

How to Learn to Play the Violin

The violin is a stringed instrument that consists of a soundboard. Inside this one is the harmonic bar and the soul; these parts have an acoustic and structural function. At the top of the box, you will see the efes. These are the symmetrical openings on both sides of the lid, through which we can see the soul. This particular instrument can be used to come up with the perfect musical compositions. You can read more about violins to have more knowledge about the musical instrument.

Learn How to Hold the Violin

You have alreadyviolin instrument located the most important parts of the violin. Now it is time to know how to hold it. Relax your body and pay attention to the neck, shoulders, and arms. Keep your back straight and not stressed. It is important to recognize that the whole body plays the instrument, so you must maintain a comfortable and relaxed posture.

  1. Hold your violin under your right arm and start with your feet together.
  2. Spread your feet and find a point of balance.
  3. Take the violin below the neck and keep your fingers straight.
  4.  Move the violin so that it is above your left foot.
  5.  Rotate it 180 degrees.
  6. Tilt your head to the left and raise your left shoulder to hold the violin.
  7. Place your chin on the pad to keep your neck elevated.
  8. Hold the violin between your clavicles and chin.
  9. Put your left wrist under the neck of the violin, curved and pointing outward.
  10. Take the bow with your right hand and gently place it over.

Choose the Correct Violin Size

Young studentsviolin instrument less than 11 years old usually start with a 1/16 size violin. At an older age, they will be ready for a complete or whole violin (4/4). To get an approximate measurement, extend your arms parallel to the floor and measure the distance from the center of your palm to your neck in centimeters.

Playing the violin requires the correct technique from the beginning to avoid bad habits that are harmful to your body, especially your hands. Multiple online platforms offer free violin lessons. You will get video tutorials or live lessons from experts to help you understand how to play this particular instrument. This is a more convenient option and promotes fast understanding. Take a free online sample class or visit different music schools that will help you understand how to play the instrument.

Things You Need to Get Your Hashtag to Trend on Twitter

Hashtags remain a crucial component of the Twitter marketing strategy for marketers and brands worldwide. Hashtags accompany more than 47% of tweets. It is because tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without hashtags.

Tweets with at least one hashtag are more likely to be retweeted.twitter Businesses using hashtags in their tweets see around a 50% increase in overall engagement. Using relevant hashtags in your tweets helps you take your brand message to new people and potential customers. The following are simple tips that will help you make your hashtags go viral:

Select a Relevant Hashtag

The first thing you should do in a bid to make your hashtag go viral is to select a relevant hashtag, one that can capture the attention of your targeted twitter users almost instantly. Use easy-to-remember and straightforward keywords as your hashtag so that it can quickly relay your objective to the users and more people can connect to it. Also, it is essential to remember to provide a clear and short description of the hashtag to entice your targeted twitter users to retweet and like it. It is best if you always ensure adding hashtags related to your industry, products or services.

Less Is More

It is best if you do not use more than 20 characters in your hashtags. If you choose a long hashtag, then your followers will be left with less space to include their texts and your username when replying to or retweeting your tweets. Moreover, using more than two keywords in your hashtag can confuse your target audience. So, ensure your hashtags are precise, relevant to your business, industry and, brand.

Understand the Twitter Algorithm

Before you start working on your hashtags, you must get acquainted with the twitter algorithm. It is better to use new hashtags. The shelf lifespan of a tweet is 6 seconds, so it is essential to ensure that your hashtag can create that killer first impression in 6 seconds or less. Also, you would do well to tweet your hashtag between 12 p.m. to 6 a.m. to get maximum eyeballs on your branded hashtag, and it takes approximately 500 tweets within the first hour to make your hashtag trend. The hashtag you use should not be abusive or offensive. So, it will help if you do proper research before deciding on any hashtag.

Benefits of Playing Online Games

The invention of online games is another evidence that technology has played a quite significant role in changing the way how people conduct their lives. Compared to traditional games, this more modern version of the play proves to be an irresistible offer. More and more people, either gamers or non-gamers, have switched to the new platforms and abandoned the old habits of stacking cards. As an example, mobile Fortnite stats is not something to miss. The game is way more interesting and thrilling as inventors begin to develop certain storylines. With it being the newest form of entertainment, it is safe to conclude that online games mark the continuous progress in today’s era.

In addition to it being a modern form of entertainment, that is ten times cooler than its predecessors, playing online games also offers several benefits. This article discusses these benefits, and below are the detailed explanations.

Stress Relief

a person holding a smartphoneJust like the traditional form of games, it is invented as a form of entertainment, aiming to reduce stress and enhance the quality of your moment, either alone or with friends. Those who play the games regularly testify that they finally have a moment where lower stress levels are apparent. These players enjoy the games as much as they enjoy themselves and their quality time. For that reason, it is apparent that the games are excellent stress relief. Playing the games together with friends or family can also boost positive mood, which is the key to a healthier mental state. More importantly, quality bonding time with the closest ones proves to be a magical time to strengthen their relationships.

Life Skills

In addition to the fact that the games can help lower the levels of cortisol, meaning that the players are less prone to stress and anxiety, the games also teach valuable lessons about life skills. Studies show that those who play regularly have a higher chance of developing positive social and cognitive skills. These skills play a vital role in one’s life as it affects how they approach certain issues. Cognitive skills include creative thinking, problem-solving ability, and critical thinking, while social skills are reflected in how they respond to other people.


Instead of stacking cards, holding your gadgets and screening the screen is way more interesting. Fortunately, online games are compatible with pretty much all devices that today’s people have, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They can easily access the games at any time and anywhere, and the only things that the players need to have are their gadgets and a stable connection.

Reasons Why You Need High-Speed Internet

The invention of the internet has served in unparalleled ways. Today our life has become so dependent on the internet that we cannot imagine spending a moment without it. The internet assists us by being an abundant source of information and a means of daily communication. Frequent developments in the internet have significantly impacted our lives, whether you use it for personal use or business purposes.

The faster the internet speed, the more you will accomplish in your business or home. Efficiency and speed also determine the quality of benefits you will get. High-speed internet can be advantageous in numerous ways, and it is worth the monetary investment. Here are some of the key benefits that high-speed internet offers.

Faster Page Load

person browsing

There is nothing as aggravating as waiting for pages to load when trying to complete a task faster. Life is hectic, and the last thing one needs is a slow browsing speed. When working or completing research, slow internet can break the momentum. However, with a high-speed internet connection, the average page loading time is significantly reduced. You can even open multiple windows or tabs at the same time and browse through all of them with high-speed internet.

Multiple Users

When your internet is not high speed, the connection becomes very slow when more than one user tries browsing the web at the same time. If your home has a lot of users, an investment in high-speed internet will pay off in the terms. For example, one person can stream their shows while another can complete research online without complications or interruptions. A connection capable of handling multiple users is beneficial for home as well as business.

Source of Entertainment

Today the internet is the ultimate source for entertainment, from streaming music and videos to browsing social media. You may, however, doubt this if your internet connection is slow and cannot indulge in these forms of entertainment. There is no use streaming on slow internet as it will ruin your mood instead of providing you entertainment. High-speed internet can offer you unlimited entertainment with less or no buffer time during streaming. The other advantage with high speed is high downloading speed.people watching

Faster Uploading

Besides faster downloading speeds, your uploading speeds also increase. With high-speed internet, you can upload videos, images and other content to the social media in no time.

High-speed internet without a doubt high-speed internet is an important investment and offers many benefits. For faster, better uploading, downloading and internet access, it is wise to invest in high-speed internet.

Choosing the Right Ruin Bar in Budapest

If you are planning to travel to Budapest, then you will want to get drunk in one of the famous ruin bars. These bars have been around for many centuries. They are situated in abandoned buildings, lots, and stores. The neighborhood was abandoned during the Second World War. The setting became perfect for setting underground bar scene.

From the outside, the bars appear like normal homes. You will not find large signs directing you, no line of people waiting to enter, and you will not hear any loud noise. However, when you get in, you will be in the middle of crowds talking, enjoying, and dancing in the laid-back atmosphere.

ruin barEach ruin bar has its personality, but they have certain basic principles. They only need to find an old abandoned place and then rent it out. They will set up a bar, fill it with unique furniture, and hire artists to leave some marks on the ceiling and walls. The fact that all these bars are set in abandoned buildings, they move, close, and open frequently depending on whether the neighbors find out or the patrons become too loud.


When you are in the Budapest ruin bars, you will feel as if you are drinking at the local thrift store. In fact, no furniture matches. It is eclectic and old. You will feel as if you are in your grandmother’s house. Also, the ceilings have a unique design. The places will not have been fixed up or repaired. Also, there are holes in the walls, and some pipes are visible.

Even though the ruin movement is now the mainstream and it is now less underground than in the past, most bars have kept their character and remained true to their roots. This is the case even when a lot of tourists come by.

Top Ruin Bars

You will be surprised to learn that the current ruin bars were founded about two decades ago. These cobbled-together and creative spaces hijack ruins. Nowadays, you can find them in abandoned warehouses, historic buildings, and empty parking lots. These are some of the top ruin bars:

Szimpla Kert

This is probably the oldest in Budapest. It started in the early 2000s. Its reputation precedes it, and it is known more internationally as compared to locally.

Corvin Club

This is a club that is middle of nowhere. It is the place where retro-urbanism and clubbing meet. It occupies a top-level departmental store that operated in the 1920s.