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Entertaining Things You Can Do on YouTube

Whether you want to become a content creator or regular viewer on YouTube, there are several entertaining activities one can do on the platform. In the digital world, YouTube is among the many platforms that receive massive traffic because of users’ activities.  In this article, we will highlight some of the fun and exciting things you can do on YouTube. Below is a list of things you can do on YouTube during your leisure hours:

Watch Movie Trailers

Are you a fan of movies? Do you want to stay updated on the latest releases and upcoming films? If your answer to both questions is yes, you will find this digital platform to be useful. YouTube is home to hundreds of movie-oriented channels. Several content creators give feedback, reviews, and ratings on movies, while others provide trailers and suggestions of the best movies depending on genre. Apart from films, you can find profiles that focus on activities like sports, games, lifestyle tips, and more.

Create a Music Playlist

With the YouTube app on your phone or browser, you can create, save, and share music playlist with close friends or the general public. Creating and sharing playlists encourages social activity between users who have a similar taste in music or the same appreciation for particular content.

Follow Your Favorite Celebrities

youtube video
If you are an art enthusiast, you probably have particular artists you admire. Online platforms like YouTube make it easy for fans and celebrities to interact and get first-hand content. The website is responsible for helping many musicians and painters grow their audience and capitalize on their talents.

Learn DIY Projects

Do you love using your free time to learn new things? You can find numerous videos of experts tutoring or giving guided instructions on how to do things. For instance, an individual can learn things like graphics designing through watching YouTube tutorials and practicing. Do-it-yourself tasks and projects are a great way to have fun, save funds, and gain knowledge.

Watch Products Reviews

YouTube is full of review videos of almost all products. From the latest clothing trends to electric devices, you can find videos of the newest items in the market. This is a great way to learn about a product before making a purchase.

There are more entertaining factors to using the YouTube platform, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Vital Precautions When Using Kodi Add-Ons

Kodi is a powerful and free home theatre software which is becoming popular each day. People install it on almost everything nowadays from TV Stick, Android TV Boxes, Windows, iPad, Nvidia Shield to Chromecast.

Kodi is open-source and legal, and you can freely download and install it on whichever device you want. Volunteers usually maintain Kodi, and they do a great job. However, it is too much to ask them to account for scenarios where hackers may try to take advantage of the work they do. Here are some of the precautions you need to take into account when using Kodi add-ons.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

When you launch Kodi, it will check for new updates for all the add-ons installed and download them if necessary. The whole process will happen over the unencrypted HTTP. This implies that an attacker can intercept the traffic and send a malicious add-on to the user. This is referred to as the man-in-the-middle attack, and it is simple to pull off but very common. With the malicious add-on in place, it can execute Python codes.

You can mitigate such attacks with VPN but not prevent them fully. A VPN will encrypt the traffic between the PN server and your device, which prevents such hacks. There is, therefore, little chance that the attacker can intercept traffic between the add-on repository and the VPN server.

Devices with Pre-Installed Kodi

Installing Kodi is relatively simple on devices that support it, but some prospective users may choose to forgo the hassle and buy devices with Kodi pre-installed. Such users need to be very wary, since such devices may contain backdoors through which hackers can take advantage. It would be difficult to remove those exploits if you bought some off-brand Kodi box with Kodi pre-installed. The best thing to do is wipe off the system completely and reinstall Kodi from the OS on up.

Malicious Add-ons

This is the biggest threat to Kodi users. The basic Kodi software on its own will not contain any content, and its official repository is limited. A majority of users stream video through unofficial third-party add-ons. Since these are not sanctioned by Kodi, they do not undergo any inspection. Malicious add-ons can execute code on your PC to escalate privileges, install malware and steal data. Stick to well-reviewed, popular add-ons and repositories as savvy users are likely to spot vulnerability and inform the public.

ISO Snooping

Most Kodi add-ons stream from legally questionable sources. These include torrents, live IPTV streams and unsanctioned streaming sites. Copyright trolls and other entities working for right holders, therefore, can be monitoring torrents and links for the IP addresses of Kodi users. After gathering hundreds of IP addresses, they can choose to contact the ISP hosting the IP addresses. The ISPs can then choose to throttle the user’s bandwidth, ask the user to cut out Kodi or email the user a settlement letter for compensation.

Reasons Why You Need High-Speed Internet

The invention of the internet has served in unparalleled ways. Today our life has become so dependent on the internet that we cannot imagine spending a moment without it. The internet assists us by being an abundant source of information and a means of daily communication. Frequent developments in the internet have significantly impacted our lives, whether you use it for personal use or business purposes.

The faster the internet speed, the more you will accomplish in your business or home. Efficiency and speed also determine the quality of benefits you will get. High-speed internet can be advantageous in numerous ways, and it is worth the monetary investment. Here are some of the key benefits that high-speed internet offers.

Faster Page Load

person browsing

There is nothing as aggravating as waiting for pages to load when trying to complete a task faster. Life is hectic, and the last thing one needs is a slow browsing speed. When working or completing research, slow internet can break the momentum. However, with a high-speed internet connection, the average page loading time is significantly reduced. You can even open multiple windows or tabs at the same time and browse through all of them with high-speed internet.

Multiple Users

When your internet is not high speed, the connection becomes very slow when more than one user tries browsing the web at the same time. If your home has a lot of users, an investment in high-speed internet will pay off in the terms. For example, one person can stream their shows while another can complete research online without complications or interruptions. A connection capable of handling multiple users is beneficial for home as well as business.

Source of Entertainment

Today the internet is the ultimate source for entertainment, from streaming music and videos to browsing social media. You may, however, doubt this if your internet connection is slow and cannot indulge in these forms of entertainment. There is no use streaming on slow internet as it will ruin your mood instead of providing you entertainment. High-speed internet can offer you unlimited entertainment with less or no buffer time during streaming. The other advantage with high speed is high downloading speed.people watching

Faster Uploading

Besides faster downloading speeds, your uploading speeds also increase. With high-speed internet, you can upload videos, images and other content to the social media in no time.

High-speed internet without a doubt high-speed internet is an important investment and offers many benefits. For faster, better uploading, downloading and internet access, it is wise to invest in high-speed internet.