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How to Learn to Play the Violin

The violin is a stringed instrument that consists of a soundboard. Inside this one is the harmonic bar and the soul; these parts have an acoustic and structural function. At the top of the box, you will see the efes. These are the symmetrical openings on both sides of the lid, through which we can see the soul. This particular instrument can be used to come up with the perfect musical compositions. You can read more about violins to have more knowledge about the musical instrument.

Learn How to Hold the Violin

You have alreadyviolin instrument located the most important parts of the violin. Now it is time to know how to hold it. Relax your body and pay attention to the neck, shoulders, and arms. Keep your back straight and not stressed. It is important to recognize that the whole body plays the instrument, so you must maintain a comfortable and relaxed posture.

  1. Hold your violin under your right arm and start with your feet together.
  2. Spread your feet and find a point of balance.
  3. Take the violin below the neck and keep your fingers straight.
  4.  Move the violin so that it is above your left foot.
  5.  Rotate it 180 degrees.
  6. Tilt your head to the left and raise your left shoulder to hold the violin.
  7. Place your chin on the pad to keep your neck elevated.
  8. Hold the violin between your clavicles and chin.
  9. Put your left wrist under the neck of the violin, curved and pointing outward.
  10. Take the bow with your right hand and gently place it over.

Choose the Correct Violin Size

Young studentsviolin instrument less than 11 years old usually start with a 1/16 size violin. At an older age, they will be ready for a complete or whole violin (4/4). To get an approximate measurement, extend your arms parallel to the floor and measure the distance from the center of your palm to your neck in centimeters.

Playing the violin requires the correct technique from the beginning to avoid bad habits that are harmful to your body, especially your hands. Multiple online platforms offer free violin lessons. You will get video tutorials or live lessons from experts to help you understand how to play this particular instrument. This is a more convenient option and promotes fast understanding. Take a free online sample class or visit different music schools that will help you understand how to play the instrument.